Old Testament Curriculum

Graduate Education Program
Ph.D. / Th.M & Ph.D / Th.M., M.A.

Old Testament Curriculum
  • Study on Archaeology and Ancient Near Eastern Texts
  • Ancient Near Eastern Cultural History
  • Old Testament History and Narrative
  • Old Testament Ethics
  • The Old Testament and Missions
  • Criticism and Hermeneutics
  • Media-Persia and the Old Testament
  • Exposition on the Book of Samuels
  • Exposition on the Prophets
  • Study on the Psalms
  • Study on the Prophets
  • History of Ancient Israel
  • Hebrew Exegesis Syntax
  • Languages of Ancient Near East
  • Old Testament: Theological Issues
  • Old Testament Hermeneutics and Paradigm
  • Kingship in the Old Testament
  • Exposition on the Book of Daniel
  • Comparative Studies on Marrorah and Septuagint
  • Exposition on the Pentateuch
  • Recent Trends of Study on the Psalms
  • The Tabernacle and the Sacrifices
  • Theological Themes of the Book of Ezekiel
  • Exposition on the Book of Isaiah
  • Study on the Wisdom Literature
  • Thesis Writing Guide