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We created a new website in English
Our school is accredited Theological Seminary of America United Presbyterian Church
Old orthodox theology of the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Pyongyang and
said center of succession
Conservative indicator of faith in their employment.

Today, a new theological seminary. Liberal theology. Theology of liberation
At this time, the last days of going wrong with the word of God must learn to properly
Our school is in the Bible School to study the mystery of God the Holy Trinity
It is.
Come to our school
First. Note that the paper will be fluent in the Bible.
Second, the spirit of man will be.
Third, the person would be in deep prayer.
Fourth, the Lord is full of evidence younggwon will
Five, will be put on fire sermon.
Six, the character of Jesus will appear.
Seven, will be faithful ministers of God

We raise a lot of good material on the website
Your students to use it a lot
Finally, the website glorified God who had produced,
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June 13, 2014 AD
United Bible University
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