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BI 100 Introduction to the New Testament New Testament Survey

Than any other book in the New Testament is the world into a small space contains more truth. The New Testament gives us for today is the word of God. This course is 27 and the New Testament authors and the central theme of each book of the New Testament opened to study and see the whole big picture that the important truths contained in each of your books to collect comprehensively research. This course is included in several books in the New Testament that makes your bones would be dug.

BI 101 Synoptic Synoptic Gospels

Synoptic Gospels (共 观 福音, Synoptic Gospels) Shulan three Gospels, Matthew, Mark and Luke refers. The authors of the contents of three interdependent gospels almost coincide with each other, as well as now and then in some cases, Jena gospels be compared with each other to interpret since it has the advantage that. Comparing the three other Gospels Jesus said (word) and you work (works) and the core of the gospel about the study of God's kingdom.

Corinthians BI 102. Corinthians 1 and 2 Corinthians

Seohanmun Corinthians after all, should any of the New Testament dealing with different issues. This course is a division of Paul, worldly wisdom, maturity level, and personal ministry expansion and power struggles, incest, litigation, homosexuality, marriage and divorce, freedom and legalism, missions, rewards and punishment, and the role of men and women in ministry , a gift, a miracle, the body of Christ, love, prophecy, tongues, resurrection life, a new covenant, suffering for Christ, faith, life and the separation of church discipline, to help the poor, fraud, among weak forces, etc. lecture will be about. Students are plaguing the church today of great help in understanding the problems that will get students how they can make the power of the Holy Spirit, you will learn the ministry.

BI 200 John The Gospel of John

Four Gospels, John is often the most important, profound, and I think to be universal. Jesus Christ, the Son of God also believe that yisimeul Iyo, also believes that the name that you want to have life purpose. Typically those who behave in this book that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior in order to know who is reading the first book. Mastery of the basic content of the gospel is our theology during the important part of the university's educational goals, as the Word of God concerning Christ would want to get hold of the Exalted. John lectures on each chapter allows students to explore systematically described in the Gospel of John is the Gospel of Christ, while the overall picture of each chapter of the story and the individual will find the importance of teaching.

BI 201 General Epistles General Epistles

Divided in two letters to the New Testament letters of Paul (Colossians, Ephesians, Pastoral Epistles, Hebrews) and co letter (James, 1 Peter, Timothy, Jude, and John stand 1.2.3) it is possible to classify. Joint letter sent to the individual, rather than a particular church or church Loading the General sent a letter because the General Epistles (The General Epistles) or church letter (The church Epistles) is sometimes referred to. Several apostles except Paul based on Christian ethical side of truth, it is a joint letter described, and move it to the modern church because the church in the revival of the practice domoham that purpose.

BI 202 Life of Jesus The Life And Power of Christ and the power

Jesus Christ is the greatest man ever lived in one God. His life and power of human history, the most touching cold adventure. This course is for His coming, starting with a global background of his birth, childhood, ministry, death, muthim, resurrection, ascension, through the journey to God is seated gyesilttae presented. This course is a great God and Savior Jesus Christ is contained in human history to have done the acts to come and change the direction of research and teaching through the power of miracles and adventure, and the experience we encounter the words and teachings of Jesus has done 0 won through a possible meeting with parties to do research.

James and 1 Peter BI 203 - Timothy James, 1 & 2 Peter

James, Peter, the reality of daily life for Christ writes about. Their enthusiastic and letters in the 21st century is to tell the world giving our lives be full of practical wisdom. These books are we all experience dealing with the pain and suffering that shows the way to victory. These two apostles were matters of right and wrong approach in a meaningful and prevalent in today's society helps to overcome the accident. This course is a detailed description of the background of each case, and provided the background for a wealth of insight and experience to the spiritual lesson.

BI 300 Acts Acts

Who is "Jesus taught group hasimyeo start line from Hashim (Acts 1:1)," wrote Luke says everything. Who is Jesus in the book of Acts church through his body to perform properly taught to preserve the story you wish to continue, as the more impressive. Look incomplete to equip the church full of the thrill of starting a series of events begins to expand, these events have the whole Bible in the Book of Acts are making one of the most inspiring books. Church of the Lord's great commission to fulfill the word of the day trying to evangelize the world when you try to start the history of the church here. Seems hard to witness the resurrection and ascension of the Lord will ask doerago along the apostles on the day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit descended to this. This is the origin of the early church, and the ends of the earth, the Lord of the nations, and the starting point for conducting the wind as well. He lectures throughout the country on the ground that make up the hope of God in the ministry of the Holy Spirit witnesses with respect to the presence and power of salvation and the Christian life are studied.

BI 301 Pauline Epistles Pauline Epistles

Who share the Christian God is popular rather the great apostle Paul made ​​the conversion of Saul. Paul, who wrote the Bible, more than anyone except Jesus embodied Christianity was more than anyone else. And letters from his richest expression of Christian faith can be found. This course will start from the Romans through Philemon, from the heart of Paul's writings introduced. Paul's writings through the humanity and divinity of Christ, the Law and the Gospel of salvation through faith, eschatological faith, the meaning of the church, communion theology that is, the interpretation of the Eucharist, the priest-have in terms of qualifications and research about the pastoral .

BI 302 The Book of Revelation Revelation

Introduction to the Bible, the Old Testament, the New Testament book of Revelation in the Bible is full of detours, then a summary and conclusion. Revelation is soon to be one naejeung and a bar can be said to be the completion of the Bible. If that is the beginning of Genesis is constrained completion of the book of Revelation is said to be Redeemer itgetda. Therefore, the purpose of the study of the book of Revelation based on the Christology and ecclesiology of the book of Revelation to the rich resources of the report you wish to save us from eternity of the end of the fulfillment of God's plan that will inform. Viewed from the perspective of teaching through the book of Revelation and eschatological eschatological consistent Christian life of faith needs to break down how you can win the division and deceit and biblical solutions to today's situation in Rome at the time of the sidaesang and should be applied to the prophecy prophesy again the implicit time of the study.

1, 2, 3 John Jude BI 303 books and 1, 2, 3 John and Jude

They are persuasive brief epistle! Authors are presented directly to the point, do not doubt the truth about many topics terms presented. When the problem occurred suddenly in the church teachings and actions