Master of Divinity

Our Master of Divinity, or "MDiv", curriculum is intentionally crafted to efficiently and sufficiently prepare you for ministry. The program accomplishes this in a number of ways; in addition to our unique degree requirements, our residential faculty are ordained ministers with terminal degrees, pastor-scholars who have dedicated their lives to understanding His Word and faithfully equipping others. Our status as one of many campuses within the system means our students have options, from access to the best professors available to the opportunity to complete a significant portion of the degree virtually. Lastly, our curriculum is both flexible and accessible, enabling you to continue your professional career while completing the degree.

Degree Requirements

We require 106 total credit hours, 400 hours of practical experience, both Hebrew and Greek, and a thorough comprehension of every book of the Bible.

Our MDiv curriculum length means you receive a comprehensive education. You become familiar with philosophical thought and the historical development of the church, skilled at preparing for, crafting, and delivering expositional sermons in a variety of contexts, proficient with both Hebrew and Greek, and adept at reading the Word of God, understanding its context, properly interpreting it, and aptly applying it to our culture.

Our Field Education requirement, entailing 400 hours of real-world, practical experience, means you become skilled at applying what you learn in the classroom within organic ministry. The truths of Scripture that permeate your mind in the classroom work themselves out in your heart and hands as you minister to His people.

The foundation upon any MDiv curriculum should be the original languages within which the Lord revealed His Word to His people. You will immerse yourself within both Hebrew and Greek throughout your degree program by completing six courses dedicated solely to the languages, one course to the integration of both the Old and New Testament, and incorporating each language into the relevant Bible coursework.

At an institution with a high view of Scripture, you'd expect significant emphasis be placed on Biblical Studies courses. This is true at UBU. Within our MDiv curriculum, you will learn all 66 books of the Bible, from the historical context to literary genres, from the apparent themes to verse by verse exposition. As your biblical knowledge matures, your awe and wonder at what a gracious, powerful Lord we serve will intensify as well.

If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to contact us.