Mission statement

Why is the United Bible University, why? - United Bible Presbyterian Theological Seminary and Reformed Theological University Institute of Pyongyang's history and theology of the faith handed down by the United Bible University. The University is a liberal conservative Calvinist Reformed Church of Korea and the world on the basis of theology, church leaders who will lead a mission to pursue. Our training courses as well as a local church pastor and a missionary pastoral staff, consultation with experts in the field of social welfare, and as a theologian in the Church and serve the community contains theoretical and practical knowledge.

Theology alive, alive alive the lesson of our pastoral theology, ministry of living.

The God of the Bible is the God of the dead is a Salish. Individuals, families, churches and communities, and even on the created world, your life will be filled with the spirit of minutes. Yigisin forces of death through the resurrection power of Christ who is its ability to have risen through the neighborhood and community alive. Our Bible and theology at the University of Education is through the study and practice of the Church and the Korean people, to train workers to make use of the world.

• ability to combine spirituality and devout man of prayer ministers

• A wise Bible teacher

• persuasive preacher

• digging into the soul of the evangelist

• Pastors to train disciples

• The leader of harmony and reconciliation

Preach the gospel to the nations of the world to make a faithful minister of God, full of intelligence and spirituality by

Species to establish schools.

University College (M. Th) finishes evangelist preacher appointed to receive the notice, and

Pastoral School (M. Div) to pass the examination after a pastor is ordained to Chinese

American Nations General Assembly Presbyterian Church (MPCA) under the ministry can not afford care, and

Mission, a mission that lay missionary who is given the training and ordination and commissioning of this meeting