Christian Welfare Curriculum

Graduate Education Program
Ph.D. / Th.M & Ph.D / Th.M., M.A.

Christian Welfare Curriculum
  • Common Course
    • Study on Human Development and Welfare
    • Advanced Social Research Data Analysis
    • Study on Social Welfare Thoughts
    • Study on Management and Administration of Social Welfare Organizations
    • Study on Present State and Issues of Social Welfare in Korea
    • Social Welfare Services
    • Study on Church and Social Welfare
    • Study on Mission and NGO

  • Children and Adolescent
    • Study on Children's right
    • Seminar on Child Abuse Prevention
    • Seminar on Infant and Toddler Welfare
    • Seminar on Child and Family Services

  • Elder
    • Seminar on Welfare for the Elderly
    • Silver Industry and Housing Policy for the Elderly
    • Study on Voluntarism
    • Study on Care Welfare

  • Policy
    • Analysis of Social Security
    • Comparative Social Welfare Policy
    • Social Welfare, Economic Growth and Income Inequality
    • A Comparative Study on Social Insurance System