Admission Info

It is our pleasure to serve you as you discern and pursue the Lord's call for your life. We understand the options, challenges, and questions before you, and it is our desire and goal to provide the answers and guidance to best prepare you to make the right seminary choice.

We want you to immerse yourself in the word of God, saturate your heart and mind in a community of like-minded believers, and develop your spiritual gifts through practice and counsel within the body of Christ. We want you to ask questions as you study His word, apply what you learn to your daily life, and help educate His sheep through biblically based doctrine and Christ-centered hermeneutics. In other words, we want you to become an UBU student. After prayerfully considering your options, trusting the Lord to help overcome the challenges, and discussing your questions with an representative, we think you will too.

May the Lord fill your cup with grace, peace and understanding as you seek to exercise your spirit of power, love and discipline (2 Timothy 1:7) in the discernment and application of His word.

In Christ,