Homiletics Curriculum

Graduate Education Program
Ph.D. / Th.M & Ph.D / Th.M., M.A.

Homiletics Curriculum
  • Liturgics
    • Liturgics
    • History and Theology of Worship
    • Protestant Worship Seminar
    • Study on the Worship of Puritans
    • Current Trend of Christian Liturgy Worship
    • Seminar on the Sacraments

  • Homiletics
    • Theory and Practice of Preaching
    • Exegesis of OT and NT and Sermon Preparation
    • Study on the Famous Preachers’ Preaching
    • Study on the Homiletical Form and Frame
    • Expository Preaching and Bible Interpretation
    • Preaching and Rhetoric
    • Preaching and Communication
    • Contemporary Homiletical Theology