MA(Biblical Studies)

The Master of Arts (Biblical Studies), or "MABS", is a 66 credit-hour degree that provides a comprehensive biblical education covering the complete canon of Scripture. It also provides the flexibility to integrate the biblical languages, theological, historical, and practical disciplines in a way that is unique to each student.

This degree is unique in that a full 48% of the MABS is committed to teaching our students Bible content. Rather than survey courses, students complete coursework that covers every book in the Bible, providing both breadth of knowledge across the full canon of Scripture as well as focused knowledge within the particular books. Classes such as Genesis to Joshua, Judges to Esther, Pauline Epistles, and Hebrews to Revelation are examples of the depth to which we ensure our students are familiar with biblical content, narratives, themes, and doctrine.

Another benefit to the MABS is that it has 100% overlap with the Master of Divinity, so if you are uncertain about which degree to pursue initially, it's relatively easy to transfer between programs as you gain a stronger sense of purpose and call to ministry during your program.

The MABS is an excellent degree for those considering vocational ministry*, local and international missions, employment with a non-profit, lay leadership within the church, teaching in a local Christian school, pursuing a PhD, and a wide variety of other career or ministry options.